FIBER N FIBRE is one of the leading exporters of Jute Fiber and Jute Products in Bangladesh, the largest jute exporting country in the world. We have exclusive expertise and experience in handling this versatile natural fiber and its allied products for all kinds of traditional and technical purposes.

Jute Yarn, Twine, Rope

- Natural Golden and White Color Jute Yarn
- Colored, Bleached, Coated Jute Yarn
- Jute Yarn for Weaving, Binding, Insulation

Jute Fabrics, Cloth

- Jute Hessian Cloth, Burlap, Jute Fine Fabric
- Twill Weave, Plain Weave, D.W Jute Fabric
- Jute Carpet Backing Cloth (JCBC)
- Rot Proof, Fire Retardant Treated Jute Fabric

Jute Bags, Sacks

- Hessian Bag, Burlap Bag, Gunny Bag
- Jute Binola-Twill, B-Twill, Heavy-Light Cees Bags
- Jute Corn Sack, Wool Packs, Jute Rice-Flour Bags
- Customized Jute Bags as per requirement

Food Grade Jute Bags

- Vegetable Oil Treated (VOT) Jute Bags
- Jute Bags for Coffee, Cocoa, Nut
- HCF Jute Packaging Bags

Jute Geo-textiles

- Jute Soil Saver, Jute Erosion Control Mesh
- Woven and Non-woven Jute Mat
- Jute Felt, Jute Sand Bag, Geo-jute

Jute Nursery Products

- Jute Tape, Jute Twine, Jute Cordage
- Jute Mesh, Jute Netting, Seed Bag
- Burlap / Hessian Sheet, Square, Liner

Jute Allied Products

- Jute Floor-covering Textiles, Jute Mat, Jute Rugs.
- Jute Fabric for Packing-Wrapping Cotton, Tobacco, Furniture
- Long Jute Fiber, Jute Cut Fiber (Mesta, Tossa)